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About a month ago, when I was taking some time off work, I signed up for a free trial of streaming Netflix. Wanting to know what the buzz was all about, I started watching the first season of Lost. A week and a half and 121.5 hours later, I finished the last episode of the final season. Regardless of what I thought about the show, it felt nice to no longer be in the dark about something that many people had been talking about for years.

It makes me wonder about what else I might be missing out on. What book have I not read that might change my life? What movie have I not seen that I would think about for years? What musician have I not heard whom I could connect with like few others?

Thankfully, there are people who, when they experience something enriching, spread the word. This is exactly what happened about a year ago, when I got the recommendation to check out Patty Griffin.

I’ve only really listened to her 1,000 Kisses CD, which is okay because I’m pretty sure it’s her best. Below is a video of her singing one of my favorite songs from that album.

It’s a simple song, really. Once it hits the chorus, you don’t have to guess what her point is. It is surprising that a song without any mystery could be so good. But maybe what sets this song apart so much is how it cuts through all the bravado and so poignantly makes a request that nearly everyone has at their core. And maybe this song isn’t as simple as it first appears. The tender vulnerability from which it is sung puts on full display something of what it means to be be fearfully and wonderfully made.

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