To Pin or Not to Pin

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Editors Note: It’s time for a special guest post! Friend of blog (FROB) Danielle sent this princess fashion clip to me (via Pinterest!) with the following comment:

Well, that took an unexpected turn... This is stupid though, mulan is way too girly, Ariel is supposed to wear pink, Pocahontas looks like a fashion model... I could go on...

Well, that took an unexpected turn… This is stupid though, Mulan is way too girly, Ariel is supposed to wear pink. Pocahontas looks like a fashion model… I could go on…

Having enjoyed her perspective on this and other matters, I extended an invitation for Danielle to be a special guest contributor to this blog on any topic she wished. She chose to write about Pinterest, which continues to be largely a mystery to me, though less so than previously, thanks to Danielle’s help. Check out her post below and then follow her on Pinterest (@Danielle0100) for cool pictures you can look at, send to people and do things with. I hope you enjoy this post like I did. Thanks Danielle!!!




To pin? Or not to pin? That is the question!

Have you been on Pinterest? Do you know what the buzz is all about? Pinterest is the ultimate time sucker! It’s like signing into a vortex where you can find limitless amounts of information about whatever you could possibly think of.

Let’s start with the basics. First, you need to create a board of Pinterest to pin on. You can categorize your boards and have as many as you like. You can also make boards secret so that not a soul can see what you pin. Second, you can search for things to pin to your boards. This is where things get fun! There’s all kinds of catagories: humor, DIY home stuff, baking, crafts, exercising, inspirational quotes, birthday party ideas, meal prep, hair styles, etc etc. The options are limitless. Finally, when you click the pin, it links to the webpage for more information.

My personal favorite is humor because who doesn’t love to laugh or need a good laugh from time to time. I also enjoy looking at ideas to bake and arts and crafts. I may not ever end up doing things but it’s still inspirational. Here are some examples!

IMG_9288IMG_9287IMG_9289     IMG_9291 IMG_9293IMG_9292IMG_9295IMG_9296IMG_9297

How could those not make you laugh? Or at least smile? They are all so true and relatable. So Pinterest is good for when you need a little pick me up regardless of the time of day!

Ah! How could I forget? One of my absolute favorite parts of Pinterest is that you can send messages to people! So when you find something hilarious or interesting you can send it to someone. Whenever I get messages, it brightens my day because I know that someone was thinking of me! I also love to send messages in hopes that other people will laugh.

Finally, not every idea comes out how you imagine it will. I was inspired by Pinterest two years ago to make an Easter bunny cake with my little brother. Here is the inspiration:


Looks easy enough, bake a circle cake, smoosh it together, frost it, and you’re golden. The result: first brace yourself! It came out looking more like something from a Zombie apocalypse. Terrifying! Apparently, eyes should not have been added!


EPIC PINTEREST FAIL! Oh well! It sure made for a good laugh and immediate enjoyment! Thankfully, it did not taste as bad as it looked!

One last warning about Pinterest. Once you get sucked into the vortex, it’s difficult to quit. It’s like crack! But it’s fun, enjoyable, and sometimes inspirational! Hopefully, I’ll see you around! Feel free to follow me @Danielle0100. Or better yet, send me pins of what you find hilarious or inspiring!


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