Bieber Fever

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Lest all my references to the 80’s make people think this blog is anything less than cutting-edge, I’m here to supply some facts on the moy (man/boy) known simply as “Bieber” and his impact on social media.

  • Two of the top ten most viewed videos on YouTube right now are Bieber songs (masterpieces?)
  • “Baby” has more than 451 million views and “One Time” has over 213 million.
  • The girl in the “One Time” video (Kristen Leanne ‘Rodeheaver’) has 66 thousand twitter followers and 8 thousand “likes” on her Facebook page.
  • The intro to Kristen’s Facebook page says, “Hey guys, so you might know me from Justin Bieber’s music video, ‘One Time.'”
  • So, we pretty much know that this is her only reason for having an obscene amount of followers.
  • We don’t know why her last name is “Rodeheaver” or why it is in quotations on her page.
  • Nonetheless, we really like it and think it is the same name as the pitcher in the movieRookie of the Year”.
  • We also like her watch on her wrist in the video below.
  • When I say “we”, I am really talking about “me” or “I”.  There is only really one of “us”.
  • “Bieber” has close to 7 million followers on Twitter.
  • That is almost a quarter the population of Canada (33,739,900).
  • “I” was 6,966,568.

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