The Rewards of Simplicity by Pam & Chuck Pierce

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Now, go back to your list of priorities, commitments and time. Look closely at each thing on the list and consider this:

  • Does this add meaning/value to my life?
  • How important is this to me?
  • Does this conflict with or enhance my priorities?
  • Could I eliminate this from my life?

The Rewards of Simplicity, p. 66

Synopsis (adapted from publisher): In today’s fast-paced, high activity and technology-driven times, Christians need to be empowered in living a spiritually and materially clutter-free life. Weaving biblical teaching with personal experience and practical tips, Charismatic leaders Chuck and Pam Pierce show how you can simplify your life, your house and your soul. In part 1, Pam speaks on practical and spiritual simplicity. In part 2, Chuck speaks on simplifying life by overcoming anxiety.

Review (mine):  After reviewing a wide range of books, I’ve decided to start only reviewing books that look really interesting to me. This is a break from my strategy before where I reviewed anything and everything (check out this, this and this for instance). This book on simplicity marks the start of my new way of doing things and was chosen for its personal appeal.

Pam writes to an older audience (primarily mothers and grandparents). She has many good things to say, though I felt that the material could have been a bit better organized. Some of the topics she covers are fasting, possessions, the Sabbath, technology and eliminating clutter. Much of what she had to say were good and needed reminders for me rather than new concepts. I may have enjoyed her section more if I were in the target demographic.

Chuck’s section on anxiety was excellent in some places, but a bit convoluted in others. In particular, his section on a 7-year Earth cycle that he predicted back in 2001 seemed to come out of nowhere and distracted me from what he was saying about anxiety. Also, the meat of what he says are quotes and concepts taken from other books. One such expert he quotes is Archibald Hart. Hart has written some great books on adrenaline, stress and anxiety. If you are interested in the topic of overcoming anxiety, I would suggest going directly to Hart. The Anxiety Cure and Adrenaline and Stress are good places to start.

Summary: In the end, I thought the book was okay and liked the idea of the topic they were writing about more than the book itself. Also, going in I was not familiar with this couple. I was thrown off by a lot of references to dream interpretation and prophecy. I am not placing a judgment on this – it is just something to be aware of.

Rating: 3/5 (Good concept. Mediocre execution.)

This book was provided for review by Bethany House. To learn more about or purchase on Amazon, click here.

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