The Meaning of the 12 Days of Christmas

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I summarized this from the book 25 Days, 26 Ways to Make this your Best Christmas Ever by Ace Collins. Historically, the first day of Christmas was December 25. This placed the twelfth and final day on January 6.

Twelve Days of Christmas

Day 1: A partridge in a pear tree – Christ is symbolically presented as a mother partridge because that was the only English bird that would die to protect its young. – John 15:13, Luke 13:34

Day 2: Two Turtle Doves – These twin birds represent the Old and New Testaments.

Day 3: Three French Hens – Represent the three gifts God gives us on a daily basis: faith, hope and love. – 1 Corinthians 13:13

Day 4: Four Calling Birds – These refer to the four Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Day 5: Five Golden Rings – Gold was a valuable commodity in ancient times and the first five books of the Old Testament were also considered valuable.

Day 6: Six Geese-a-Laying – Each egg represents a day in creation when the world the world was “hatched” by God. – Genesis 1:1-31

Day 7: Seven Swimming Swans – Represent the seven gifts of the Spirit – prophecy, ministry, teaching, exhortation, giving, leading and compassion. – Romans 12:6-8, 1 Corinthians 12:8-11

Day 8: Eight Maids-a-Milking – At the time this song was written, a woman who milked cows had the lowest and worst job in England. The maids represent those, who according to Jesus are blessed: the poor in Spirit, those who mourn, the meek, the pure in heart, the peacemakers, and those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness. – Matthew 5:3-10

Day 9: Nine Ladies Dancing – Gifts known as the fruit of the Holy Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. – Galatians 5:22

Day 10: Ten Lords-a-Leaping – The lords were judges and the focus is on the Ten Commandments. – Exodus 20:1-17

Day 11: Eleven Pipers Piping – Eleven faithful apostles who lived out the Gospel message and fearlessly shared it with the world. – Luke 6:14-16

Day 12: Twelve Drummers Drumming – Those who believe that the one who came at Christmas is God’s son. Your faith puts you in this band. Members are singing a song of salvation to the world. – Revelation 7:10-12

My True Love James 1:17

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