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crispy-crittersA friend of mine recently posted an old video on his Facebook page. It got me thinking more about commercials/intros that I have never forgotten. These are the ones that have stuck with me the most over the years.

They did so many things to try to trick us children into thinking that Science was cool (see Mr. Wizard).  The only thing that worked on me was this catchy intro.  Someone needs to remake this into a techno song.  This grooves man!

Just listening to this intro makes me nervous for some reason. Maybe it is the conditioning that came with the the thought of reading all those books.  Or, perhaps it is the excited anxiety that came with the idea of cashing in all those reads for personal pan pizzas.  Either way, I can’t watch this.  This seriously makes me nauseous and creeps me out.

This cereal came alive.  It was REAL MAN!  Even as a child, I knew it was only a matter of time before the Crispy Critters took over the world.

I never had a robot in my tree house.  In fact, I never even had a tree house (or a robot). I got scared off by tree houses after the older kids offered Punky Brewster drugs in one of them. The drugs looked so much like candy, I wasn’t sure how I would have been able to resist the temptation. You also have to put up with Viking/Pirate/Motorcycle guys looking to steal your Honeycombs.

Before Jesse Spano came drugged out daddy.  At the time, this was the most emotional and surprising commercial I had ever seen.  Fathers did drugs?  I was instantly floored and felt a surge of righteous indignation.  It may have only been a commercial, but I wanted to scream: “YEAH, WHAT DO YOU SAY TO THAT?”  That Dad was totally pwned!!!  (Btw, I’m not sure what pwned means, but I have an idea after some squirt used it against me while playing laser tag.  If I ever see him again, he had better cry for his mama.  As an aside, it seems that little kids are great at skiing and old people are awesome at tennis.  I’m so tempted to stick out my arm and give any runt who attempts to ski past me a clothesline.  That would teach em a lesson!  I think I’ll start doing this next year.)

I may have been young, but not young enough not to know that Kid Sister was a total rip-off of My Buddy.

To this day, I still say “Cancel the plans, they’ve got Spy-Tech”.  I have yet to find one person with any clue as to what I am talking about.

(This is where the Spy-Tech commercial Youtube video would go if there was one.  Nobody still has any idea what I’m talking about.)

Let me know if I missed any!  You can check out more of my favorite videos here.

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  1. sticky11 says:

    LOVE reading rainbow. Best theme song ever. And spy-tech…my cousins and I were all over that. I think I only ever had walky talkies and some type of entry alarm that shot a “lazer beam” across a doorway.

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