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Goodnight Mister,
Goodnight Misses.
Goodnight Tweeters,
Hugs and Kisses.

I’ll catch you later,
I’ll talk to you soon
I’ll make a lame joke
About big buffoons.

Goodnight to the stars
Of ages gone by
I think of you all,
When I look at the sky

Goodnight little Gretl,
I bid you adieu
May all your dreams
One day come true

Goodnight beautiful Liesl
And whatever it brings
Just keep thinking about
All your favorite things

Goodnight young Mary
And curious George too,
Did ya ever figure out
How to lasso the moon?

Goodnight father Abraham,
Wherever you may be
And goodnight to the star
That was lit just for me

I’ll take you with me,
Long into the night
Where deep calls to deep
Until dark turns to light

Goodbye to today,
It is now in the past
But no less a part of me
That always will last

Goodnight to the giver
Of all good things
And the 9 million bicyclists
Across Beijing

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