A Poem for Valentine’s Day

February 11, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

I remember the time
   I first saw your face
I remember your smile
   I remember your grace
I remember your sweetness
   I remember your glow
I remember everything about you
   I couldn’t wait to know

Why did you let things
   get in the way?
You were always so busy
   and never could stay
I made it too easy,
   it was never a game
And when you knew you had me,
   you took while I gave

But I could not win you,
   No matter how hard I tried
I gave you my all
   From deep inside
Though you were careless,
   I remained true
And even though I loved you,
   what else was I supposed to do?
My heart went to pieces
   my heart came unglued
My memories were broken
   with fragments of you

I played you a song
   but you did not dance
You played with my mind
   but wouldn’t give me a chance
I called to you,
   but you did not care
I looked for you
   but you were not there
I longed for you
   but you were not willing
Your silence was icy
   it was cold
   it was chilling

For so long I cared
   my feelings remained
I’d give you the best
   my hands ever made
I’d give you my strength,
   Like I gave you my heart
You had it all along
   right from the start

Why did you change?
   What did I do?
What was your problem?
   What got into you?

But now it is useless
   No longer will I plead
I wrote you another poem
   that you never will read

I remember the time
   when you would have come running

And though you don’t love me
   One last thing I must say
Goodbye, sweet girl,
   Happy Valentine’s Day.



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