Pieces of Life

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For the most part, life is pretty boring and uneventful. I don’t even realize I’m getting older until I see a picture from a few years ago. It seems like change is a lot quieter than I thought it would be. There is no band that plays in the background when something quietly significant happens and on my birthday I usually don’t feel much different than I did the day before.

When I look back, though, sometimes I find that my life was more interesting than I originally believed. Silent battles raged on and even though I didn’t always win, sometimes the deep wounds taught me something. There is value in that and this, too, is a gift from God.

Something else I’ve been thinking about lately is how God moves at His own pace. First the seed is sown and then it eventually sprouts and slowly it grows. You can’t really rush things. You can water it and give it sun, but only the maker of the sun and water can make it grow. He makes all this beautiful, in His time.

I’m grateful for the times when I’m reminded that God loves me much more than I can comprehend. He cares about what is important to me. He accepts me and knows the deep sadness and disappointment that we all carry. His mercies are new every morning, but sometimes we can only recognize those mercies in hindsight – if at all.

I think a lot about things that happened a long time ago and wonder if they mean anything. I think they mean a lot. As one of my favorite songs puts it, “Everything matters if anything matters at all. Everything matters no matter how big, No matter how small.” I take comfort in these lines. It’s not a nihilistic and chaotic and haphazard world, no matter how much that seems to be the case. There is someone greater than me who is taking the jigsaw pieces of life in constructing the most extraordinary puzzle which can only be seen in part for the time being.

As the title of my favorite movie puts it, “Life is Beautiful”. In time, some will come to a better realization and understanding of just how beautiful it is. This, too, is a gift from God.

God Believes in You

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