A poem for my niece

January 15, 2008 | By | Add a Comment

A beautiful night on an autumn eve,
Your heart is full of make believe
But you can’t touch the sky…

There’s a new girl in my life,
Five months old with big little eyes
I don’t live near
But we’ll always be close
And I’m going to see her soon

A smile wide from a mouth real small,
I know your father is standing so tall
He’s finally taller than me

That smile is real, she is too young to fake
So are those tears that keep you awake
A piercing cry rings a bell inside of you

They grow up big and they grow up fast,
But a piece of that child will always last
Trying to figure out what is going on
Looking for a firm place to stand

I can’t put my finger on it
It reaches deep
You have to look
You have to seek

Credit spreads, the discount rate,
Volatility, my tummy aches
Gotta study, gotta learn
This thing will make you crash and burn

It’s never easy, it’s so much work
Just like anything with any real worth
I’m limping through this race…
And crawling to you.

But our God will not slumber
He will not sleep
He helps in trouble
He helps in need

He holds us close
He holds us tight
Though the night is so long
We won’t quit the fight

He knows our pain
He makes us glad
The sorrow is temporary,
It’s the glory that lasts.

Until that day,
When our tears are all dry
When you’ll lift up our heads
As our redemption draws nigh

Until that day,
When we are all done
When our battles are over
And our race has been run

We’ll trust in your goodness
And grow in your grace
We’ll give you our all
You inhabit our praise

And whether we do well
Or fall on our face
We’ll give you the glory
Or trust in your grace

And though we are but dust
You’ve called us by name
You are the Shepherd
In your care we remain

And we’re so dependant on you.
Yeah, we’re so dependant on you…

Help her walk in the truth
And reject all the lies
Give her the faith
She already has your eyes

And when her strength is all gone
And she can’t hold on anymore
Let her fall in your arms
And carry her home

And as she get older
One thing never dies
She will always be
A precious child in your eyes

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