Middle School

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He’s a little bit different,
   he’s a little bit weird
He’s a little naïve,
   but he’s really sincere
He’s a little bit awkward,
   and a little bit shy
He can’t find the words,
   but he’s a really good guy

He sees her in the distance,
   he can’t look away
She lookin’ really pretty,
   in her delicate feminine way
He’s a little bit unsteady,
   and clumsy on his feet
He’s not the best looking,
   but he really is sweet

He really wants to love her,
   he really wants a chance
He’s looking for the courage,
   to ask her for a dance
He finds the guts to ask her,
   he knows he has to try
He’s just in time to see,
   his girl kissing another guy

Maybe she could love him,
   if only she could see
That deep inside his soul,
   lies a precious mystery

The kids find him worthless,
   they bully him around
A classmate with compassion,
   is nowhere to be found
He wants to be a ball player,
   and tries out for the team
It’s his last ditch chance
   to gather a little self-esteem

He steps onto the court,
   and plays with all his heart
If only he could make the team,
   he doesn’t need to start
At last the tryouts over,
   he hangs on each word the coach will say
And once again it happens;
   he won’t make the team that day

He goes up to his room,
   to play his football games
In make believe he’s on a team;
   the computer won’t call him names
He crawls into his bed,
   and prays the Lord his soul to keep
It’s just another night,
   that he’ll cry himself to sleep

He needs someone to love him,
   he needs someone to care
He needs some encouragement,
   to face the cold, dark world out there
He needs to know God loves him,
   he needs to know God cares
He needs to know he’s not alone,
   that someone understands up there

I really want to love him;
   from what I know I see
That something about his struggle,
   reminds me a bit of me
The love of Christ compels me,
   I can’t keep quiet my heart
To tell him there’s a future,
   a hope and brand new start

There is someone who loves him,
   someone who fully sees
He goes into the wilderness,
   to find his missing sheep
Jesus really loves him,
   only He can fully see
That deep inside His child,
   lies a precious mystery

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