Strangers in the Night

Editors Note: Catherine and I had never met. I was using my roommate’s computer.

Catherine: hey out to lunch
[21:25] Nathan: hi! this is nate’s housemate, he was gracious enough to let me use his computer
[21:25] Nathan: he’s a very gracious man
[21:25] Catherine: ah
[21:25] Catherine: gee i bet i could guess who this is
[21:25] Nathan: oh yeah
[21:25] Catherine: haha hey!
[21:25] Nathan: i bet you couldn’t
[21:25] Catherine: hmm
[21:26] Nathan: it’s nate’s best looking roomate
[21:26] Catherine: i think your name was matt
[21:26] Nathan: i’m not sure if you’ve met him
[21:26] Catherine: yes, the starbuck’s man
[21:26] Nathan: you mean, the man who works at starbucks?
[21:26] Catherine: oh yes, of course i meant that
[21:26] Catherine: what was i thinking phrasing it that way?
[21:26] Nathan: then you obviously don’t know who the best looking roomate is!
[21:26] Catherine: sorry about the lapse of judgment
[21:27] Catherine: yes i do
[21:27] Catherine: i know who you are
[21:27] Nathan: hmmm
[21:27] Nathan: you’re like the shadow
[21:27] Catherine: you write just like you talk
[21:27] Catherine: that’s right
[21:27] Nathan: who am i?
[21:27] Nathan: you still don’t know!
[21:27] Catherine: the italian with dark hair!
[21:28] Catherine: matt, right?
[21:28] Nathan: i’m not matt!
[21:28] Nathan: !
[21:28] Catherine: though that’s not a very italian name
[21:28] Nathan: !!!
[21:28] Catherine: wait
[21:28] Catherine: that was the other guy
[21:28] Catherine: wait
[21:28] Nathan: (waiting…)
[21:28] Catherine: well i described you good enough, didn’t i?
[21:28] Catherine: i know who you are, i just have the wrong name!
[21:28] Nathan: maybe you’re not the shadow afterall!
[21:28] Nathan: i don’t work at starbucks
[21:29] Catherine: oh man
[21:29] Nathan: though i did enjoy an apple spice latte the other night
[21:29] Catherine: haha
[21:29] Catherine: well i don’t know what to say now
[21:29] Catherine: i’m speechless
[21:29] Nathan: let’s change the topic… who are you??
[21:30] Catherine: could you guess?
[21:30] Catherine: it’s easy
[21:30] Nathan: if i had to guess, i would say your name is catherine
[21:30] Nathan: and you like dogs
[21:30] Catherine: good!
[21:30] Catherine: haha good call
[21:30] Nathan: and you’re friends with nate
[21:30] Catherine: sometimes
[21:30] Catherine: 😉
[21:30] Nathan: (i’m already doing better than you were)
[21:30] Nathan: oh
[21:30] Nathan: !
[21:30] Catherine: dangit
[21:30] Catherine: ok well
[21:30] Catherine: i’m also a grad student doing the same program as he is
[21:31] Nathan: we probably have never met before
[21:31] Catherine: i was over at you guys’ house the other night and met matt and another guy
[21:31] Nathan: what did the other guy look like?
[21:31] Catherine: and the way you were talking sounded like the italian guy
[21:31] Catherine: muscular
[21:31] Nathan: haha
[21:31] Catherine: not too tall
[21:31] Catherine: really nice
[21:31] Catherine: you?
[21:31] Nathan: maybe we didi meet!
[21:31] Catherine: haha
[21:31] Catherine: what’s your name?
[21:31] Nathan: nope, wasn’t me then
[21:31] Nathan: i’m very tall
[21:31] Catherine: are you not nice?
[21:32] Nathan: and mean
[21:32] Catherine: haha good thing we didn’t meet
[21:32] Catherine: wait another guy came in for a second
[21:32] Catherine: he was pretty tall
[21:32] Nathan: i bet you’re thinking of jimmy
[21:32] Catherine: yes, that’s right
[21:32] Nathan: yep, i’m certainly not jimmy
[21:32] Nathan: though the ladies seem to think he’s pleasing to the eyes
[21:32] Catherine: haha
[21:33] Catherine: but you’re apparently the best-looking one?
[21:33] Nathan: what night were you over here?
[21:33] Nathan: by far
[21:33] Catherine: well why didn’t i meet YOU?
[21:33] Catherine: ok uhm last week
[21:33] Nathan: i was probably at the gym
[21:33] Catherine: i dunno, monday?
[21:33] Catherine: oh, pumping up those big muscles no doubt
[21:33] Nathan: that was a long time ago
[21:33] Nathan: of course!
[21:33] Catherine: yes, it was
[21:34] Catherine: impressive that i could remember
[21:34] Nathan: i don’t know what i did yesterday, nevermind monday
[21:34] Nathan: i think there the patriots played on monday though
[21:34] Nathan: so i wasn’t here (i’m very close with tom brady)
[21:34] Catherine: hmm
[21:35] Nathan: do you play the piano?
[21:35] Catherine: so do you play for the patriots?
[21:35] Catherine: yes, indeed i do
[21:35] Nathan: i should be a palm read… i’m THAT good
[21:35] Catherine: whatever
[21:35] Nathan: haha
[21:35] Nathan: when did you meet nate?
[21:35] Catherine: in germany
[21:35] Nathan: maybe i did meet you afterall
[21:36] Catherine: ?
[21:36] Nathan: nevermind, nope, definately didn’t
[21:36] Nathan: how long have you known nate for?
[21:36] Catherine: uhh a year
[21:36] Catherine: if you want to be a palmreader then you should know these things
[21:37] Nathan: i don’t work on saturday nights so i’m off duty
[21:37] Catherine: i’m definitely not coming to see you the next time i’m looking for a palmreader
[21:37] Catherine: which would be never
[21:37] Catherine: so that clears that up
[21:37] Nathan: what a shame, i really thought we had a future
[21:37] Catherine: hahah
[21:37] Catherine: you and matt should be friends
[21:38] Catherine: i can imagine you two get along really well
[21:38] Nathan: we are friends 🙂
[21:38] Nathan: i don’t think he started working at starbucks until tuesday, how did you know he works there?
[21:38] Catherine: he told me on monday!
[21:38] Catherine: that he got the job
[21:38] Nathan: you can learn a lot by listening
[21:38] Catherine: yes, i interviewed with the cia, so i know how
[21:39] Catherine: i know a lot of detective stuff
[21:39] Nathan: are you german?
[21:39] Catherine: nein
[21:39] Nathan: do you have a thing for italians?
[21:39] Catherine: they’re pretty cool
[21:39] Nathan: i think jimmy and matt are both italian
[21:39] Catherine: jimmy doesn’t look like it at all
[21:40] Catherine: but matt for sure
[21:40] Nathan: his last name ends with an “i” – that must count for something right?
[21:40] Nathan: are you french?
[21:40] Catherine: well
[21:40] Catherine: are you swedish?
[21:40] Catherine: no, i am not french
[21:40] Nathan: some people think i am swedish, but i’m not
[21:40] Nathan: are you portuguese?
[21:40] Catherine: haha NO
[21:41] Nathan: what ARE you?
[21:41] Nathan: do you sing while you play the piano?
[21:41] Nathan: or just play the piano?
[21:42] Catherine: brb!
[21:44] Catherine: ok i’m back
[21:44] Catherine: are you still breathing?
[21:44] Catherine: wait, did you die?
[21:44] Nathan: yes
[21:44] Nathan: my life is over
[21:44] Catherine: ok now i have to answer all your questions
[21:44] Catherine: that’s sad
[21:44] Catherine: i would’ve liked to meet you
[21:45] Nathan: yes, very much so
[21:45] Catherine: ok, so i sing every now and then
[21:45] Catherine: but i can’t do two things at once, and i can play way better than sing
[21:45] Catherine: so i usually just play
[21:46] Catherine: and i am a very proud TEXAN
[21:46] Catherine: since you wanted to know
[21:46] Nathan: no way
[21:46] Nathan: do you LOVE texas?
[21:46] Catherine: yes sirree
[21:46] Catherine: sho nuff
[21:46] Nathan: everyone from texas loves texas
[21:47] Nathan: it’s like one massive love affair
[21:47] Catherine: that is correct
[21:47] Catherine: well i don’t want to live there
[21:47] Catherine: but i like being from there
[21:47] Catherine: we have a complicated relationship, me and Texas
[21:47] Catherine: i need mountains, cold, dry
[21:47] Catherine: (which is obviously why i’m in boston?)
[21:48] Nathan: sounds like an “open relationship” perhaps? and what is your nationality?
[21:48] Catherine: i told you
[21:48] Catherine: i’m texan
[21:48] Catherine: caucasian
[21:48] Catherine: wait
[21:48] Nathan: that’s a nationality??
[21:48] Catherine: texan american
[21:48] Nathan: haha
[21:48] Nathan: are you serious?
[21:48] Catherine: yes, dead serious
[21:48] Catherine: do i sound like i’m joking?
[21:48] Nathan: where were your great grandparents from?
[21:49] Catherine: uhm germany and england
[21:49] Catherine: but i never knew them
[21:49] Nathan: so you’re german and english then, right?
[21:49] Catherine: i guess so
[21:49] Catherine: is that what you were asking?
[21:49] Catherine: and why are you so fascinated with my nationality?
[21:50] Nathan: um… i dunno
[21:50] Catherine: so what’s your nationality?
[21:50] Nathan: i’m speechless
[21:50] Nathan: italian
[21:50] Catherine: wait
[21:50] Catherine: this is matt
[21:50] Nathan: no!
[21:50] Catherine: this has to be matt
[21:50] Nathan: i promise!
[21:51] Catherine: ok who are YOU then?
[21:51] Nathan: the shadow
[21:51] Catherine: that is not a sufficient answer
[21:51] Nathan: haha
[21:51] Nathan: one second
[21:52] Nathan: when do you graduate from *censored*
[21:52] Catherine: next year
[21:52] Nathan: and your last name is *censored*?
[21:52] Catherine: yeep
[21:52] Nathan: i have absolutely no idea who you are
[21:52] Catherine: how do you know my last name?
[21:52] Nathan: i’m on duty now
[21:52] Catherine: haha
[21:52] Nathan: and i looked at nate’s facebook page
[21:53] Catherine: ah
[21:53] Nathan: you like to climb rocks?
[21:53] Catherine: YES
[21:53] Nathan: while singing?
[21:54] Catherine: nope
[21:54] Catherine: have to concentrate
[21:54] Catherine: haha guess that picture doesn’t do you any good to try and see if you’ve met me before!
[21:54] Nathan: very true
[21:55] Nathan: we’ll have to become facebook friends
[21:55] Catherine: hmm i’d have to think about that
[21:55] Catherine: you’ll have to tell me your name first
[21:55] Nathan: it begins with an “m”
[21:56] Catherine: WHAT???
[21:56] Nathan: and the next letter is “a”
[21:56] Catherine: you punk
[21:56] Nathan: what?
[21:56] Catherine: tt?
[21:57] Catherine: hew?
[21:57] Nathan: NO!
[21:57] Nathan: 🙂
[21:57] Nathan: i am not matthew!
[21:57] Nathan: or matt
[21:57] Nathan: or any derivation!
[21:57] Catherine: ok ma…
[21:57] Nathan: that’s all i can tell you
[21:57] Catherine: how am i supposed to find you on nathan’s friend list?
[21:58] Catherine: that would take way too long anyway
[21:58] Nathan: just look for the best looking guy
[21:58] Catherine: that would also take way too long
[21:58] Nathan: whose name starts with “ma” and is italian
[21:58] Nathan: does he have that many friends?
[21:58] Catherine: YES
[21:58] Catherine: he has tons
[21:59] Nathan: i think someone just had a facebook interaction with you
[21:59] Nathan: you should check
[22:00] Catherine: nope
[22:00] Nathan: hmm
[22:00] Nathan: i poked you!
[22:00] Catherine: nope, got nothing
[22:01] Nathan: (only my second ever facebook poke)
[22:01] Catherine: wow i’m honored
[22:01] Catherine: i still don’t know exactly what that is though
[22:01] Nathan: you know what they say
[22:01] Nathan: sometimes a cigar is just a cigar
[22:02] Catherine: du spinnst
[22:02] Nathan: what is that??
[22:02] Catherine: you should know, mr. palmreader
[22:02] Nathan: no fair, you’re writing in another language!
[22:02] Catherine: well
[22:03] Nathan: i poke you and that’s the thanks i get?!?
[22:03] Catherine: hey
[22:03] Catherine: live and learn
[22:03] Catherine: i still have received no poke
[22:03] Nathan: are you serious?
[22:03] Nathan: i swear i did
[22:03] Catherine: i am serious
[22:03] Nathan: if you tell me what the german word was, i’ll tell you my name
[22:03] Nathan: deal?
[22:04] Catherine: ok i said “you’re crazy”
[22:04] Nathan: haha
[22:04] Nathan: you’re right
[22:04] Nathan: my name is….
[22:04] Nathan: (drumroll)
[22:04] Nathan: m
[22:04] Nathan: a
[22:04] Catherine: hurry!!!!
[22:04] Nathan: TT (just kidding)
[22:04] Catherine: i can’t take it!
[22:04] Nathan: rk Lamberti
[22:04] Catherine: mark…hmm…
[22:04] Catherine: can’t trust marks, usually
[22:04] Nathan: see, i really am italian!
[22:05] Nathan: and i really did poke you!
[22:05] Catherine: well i don’t know what to tell ya
[22:05] Nathan: i don’t know what to tell myself either
[22:06] Catherine: wow what is the world coming to?
[22:06] Catherine: when pokes aren’t really pokes
[22:06] Catherine: but gestures that disappear into the wind
[22:06] Nathan: now how am i supposed to know if i’ve met you before?
[22:06] Catherine: just add me as a friend
[22:07] Nathan: i didn’t think i had reached “friend” status
[22:07] Catherine: but then, i have to give you permission
[22:07] Catherine: and i’m not sure if i want to do that
[22:07] Nathan: you’re tough!
[22:07] Nathan: this is like the visa 5 layers of security
[22:07] Catherine: though you have provided me with entertainment
[22:07] Catherine: when i would’ve otherwise been bored writing a paper
[22:07] Nathan: you should see me dance
[22:08] Catherine: maybe i’ll dream about it tonight
[22:08] Nathan: that would be a sweet dream!
[22:08] Catherine: i’m not so sure
[22:08] Nathan: what is your paper on?
[22:09] Nathan: let see if my friend request goes the way of my poke
[22:09] Catherine: wow that was fast
[22:09] Nathan: broadband
[22:09] Nathan: it’s great
[22:09] Catherine: well
[22:10] Catherine: my paper is on a german love poem by goethe
[22:10] Nathan: i’ve written a lot of german love poems in my day
[22:10] Catherine: i’m sure you have
[22:10] Catherine: it’s quite a common topic
[22:10] Catherine: nope, i haven’t met you
[22:12] Nathan: it’s official!
[22:12] Nathan: we’re friends
[22:12] Catherine: i should’ve checked “limited profile”
[22:12] Catherine: but now, alas, it’s too late
[22:12] Catherine: what have i done?
[22:12] Nathan: what is a limited profile?
[22:12] Catherine: i’ve become friends with a person i don’t even know!
[22:13] Nathan: don’t worry! you can always delete me
[22:13] Catherine: it means you can only see part of my profile
[22:13] Nathan: but you can never take back the poke!
[22:13] Catherine: i’m not sure which part
[22:13] Catherine: i think all the pictures get blocked out
[22:13] Catherine: haha i won’t delete you
[22:13] Catherine: well, i’ll seriously consider it before i do
[22:13] Nathan: haha 🙂
[22:14] Catherine: the cia has been looking for you though, you may as well know that
[22:14] Catherine: and i might just have to let them know where you are
[22:14] Nathan: yikes!
[22:15] Nathan: my life on the run is over!
[22:15] Catherine: yes, it does appear that way
[22:16] Catherine: i’m sorry
[22:16] Nathan: will you send me a postcard when i’m in prison?
[22:16] Catherine: i think i could manage that
[22:16] Nathan: good!
[22:17] Nathan: i have to run, nice to meet you dog-piano-climbing loving catherine!
[22:17] Catherine: haha you too
[22:17] Catherine: have a good night!
[22:17] Nathan: you too, i hope your paper goes well!
[22:17] Catherine: thanks!!
[22:17] Nathan: (i’ll tell nate he has nice friends as well – but only because you promised the postcard)
[22:18] Catherine: that is very gracious of you
[22:18] Nathan: i’m a very gracious man
[22:18] Catherine: i will keep my promise
[22:18] Nathan: 🙂
[22:18] Nathan: bye!
[22:18] Catherine: see ya