Spreading the Christmas Cheer

Editor’s Note:  I was being a little sarcastic and a tad obnoxious, but some of it is pretty funny, so I put this conversation on here.  Once again, names have been changed for privacy protection.

Dudeguy: Mark Lamberti, dare I say, En Fuego
Krambis1: i know, i need water
Dudeguy: what should i get people for the BIG HOLIDAY that is fast approaching
Krambis1: what big holiday?
Dudeguy:  the big holiday
Krambis1: there is a big holiday?
Dudeguy: yeah, this month
Krambis1: no kidding
Dudeguy: yeah, and i don’t know what i am buying anyone
Krambis1: you’re buying someone?
Dudeguy: i am buying people gifts
Krambis1: you’re buying gifts of people?
Dudeguy: gifts for people
Krambis1: let me get this straight, you’re buying gifts of people for people?
Dudeguy: no, i don’t know what i am buying anyone
Krambis1: what don’t you know, you’re going to buy anyone?
Dudeguy: i am not going to buy a people, i am going to buy for people
Krambis1: you’re going to buy four people?
Dudeguy: no, i am going to buy gifts for people
Krambis1: so let me get this straight, you’re going by gifts for people?
Dudeguy: yes, i am buying gifts for people
Krambis1: if you’re going buying gifts, why don’t you stop and pick them up?
Krambis1: unless they are too heavy
Krambis1: are there package deals?
Krambis1: do you wrap the people, they might suffocate you know
Dudeguy: i have no clue what i am going to buy for anyone
Krambis1: so you’re buying something for anyone?
Krambis1: who is anyone?
Dudeguy: all of my friends are getting something, and so is my family
Krambis1: oh, so i guess this is something for anyone
Krambis1: that is entirely too vague
Dudeguy: how hard are you laughing?
Krambis1: i am not laughing, i am confused
Krambis1: you might run out of money after buying anyone something
Dudeguy: yeah, so what do you want?
Krambis1: are suggesting that i’m a cannibal?
Dudeguy: i am not buying people, i am buying gifts for people
Krambis1: and what are these gifts?
Dudeguy: it all depends on what the people I am buying for want
Krambis1: sounds like you have a problem
Dudeguy: i don’t know what anyone wants
Krambis1: oh dear, now we’re back to anyone
Dudeguy: i don’t know what my friends and family want for gifts
Krambis1: i thought you were buying something for anyone
Dudeguy: ok, can we move on to the next girl that i have my eye on?
Krambis1: you want to buy anyone a girl?
Dudeguy: i’ll go buy *censored* for you, how’s that?
Krambis1: so i am anyone?
Krambis1: whitney houston is every women, but is this anyone a woman
Dudeguy: you are someone
Krambis1: if it is that it must be whitney
Dudeguy: shut up Mark, i am too tired to have u acting like this
Krambis1: wait wait, you’re buying someone for anyone, therefore i am someone
Krambis1: so are you calling me a woman?