Some Lady

Editors Note: I had no idea who this lady is and I still don’t. I was in a chat room and she thought that I was some secret lover named Steve. The conversation is true but the name has been changed to protect this odd lady. Any coincidence in names is just that – a coincidence.

UPDATE FROM FUTURE – I’m much nicer to strangers now. See strangers in the night conversation.

DianSuzan: steve?
Krambis1: suzan?
DianSuzan: steve??
Krambis1: dian?
DianSuzan: are you steve?
Krambis1: well that depends
DianSuzan: on what?
Krambis1: are you dianne from *censored*?
DianSuzan: yes..are you steve from *censored*?
Krambis1: i’m not sure it’s you, tell me something to make sure i know
DianSuzan: lol…um…we talked on the phone before…remember that?
Krambis1: of course, i’m just playing games
Krambis1: so how have you been doing Diane?
DianSuzan: been ok…l’ve been looking for you
DianSuzan: i mailed you under your other name
Krambis1: oh, i’ve been busy
Krambis1: sorry
Krambis1: how did you know it was me?
DianSuzan: from the profile
Krambis1: yeah, that would do it
DianSuzan: lol
DianSuzan: you been racing?
Krambis1: not lately, what have you been doing?
DianSuzan: keeping busy…lots of cookouts and all…
DianSuzan: how about you?
Krambis1: mostly work
DianSuzan: still doing the other job?
Krambis1: yep, but it’s a pain
DianSuzan: why so?
Krambis1: i don’t get enough sleep
DianSuzan: l wanted to go with you….couldn’t find you
Krambis1: i’m sorry, but don’t worry about it
Krambis1: there’ll be more opportunities
DianSuzan: šŸ˜‰
DianSuzan: so no races at all?
Krambis1: nope, not since we talked
DianSuzan: why??
Krambis1: i needed a break
DianSuzan: l went to star few weeks ago
Krambis1: oh yeah, how was it?
DianSuzan: had a blast….wanted to go again…maybe see you race
Krambis1: yeah, i’ve missed you
DianSuzan: i’ve missed you too
Krambis1: so the race was good
DianSuzan: yes…my son loved it too…
Krambis1: how is he doing?
DianSuzan: good…working alot this summer
Krambis1: good for him
DianSuzan: so are you seeing anyone on here yet?
Krambis1: seeing what?
DianSuzan: seeing anyone you met from here ?
Krambis1: no, you?
DianSuzan: nope…’
Krambis1: bummer
DianSuzan: l am still meeting some here and there, but not really dating one in particular
Krambis1: oh
DianSuzan: you busy right now?
Krambis1: why?
DianSuzan: just curious
Krambis1: no i’m not
DianSuzan: still have my number?
Krambis1: yes
DianSuzan: šŸ˜‰
Krambis1: i’m very sorry, i am not steve and i thought it would be fun to
pretend i was
him, please forgive me
DianSuzan: i though so…
Krambis1: i’m sorry, i couldn’t resist
Krambis1: but i hope you find him and things work out
DianSuzan: i was trying to trap you with my questions, but you answered toovague
DianSuzan: lol…l am sure l will chat with him again
Krambis1: you sound like a very nice lady
DianSuzan: thanks
Krambis1: i have to go, I’m very sorry.
DianSuzan: šŸ˜‰