Off the Record with Sarah D – Trying to recover what was lost

Editors Note: Most of our chats are lost because we went off the record. The world will never know how funny we were/are.  As a side note, I like poodles.

Sarah: now that we’re on the record you don’t want to talk to me?
me: i’m not at liberty to say
me: (now that we’re on the record)
Sarah: i see

me: i have bad news
Sarah: you do?
me: yes
Sarah: what is it?
me: i was not able to add you
Sarah: ?
me: you could have been famous
me: it’s a new feature
me: we should have never done it
Sarah: i’m really sad and i don’t even know why yet…
me: sometimes you make choices and there is just no going back
me: and you’re left to wonder about what is and what could have been
me: we never should have done it
Sarah: you’re gonna have to give me more to go on here
me: don’t you remember?
me: it was a long time ago
me: it’s a blur
me: it happened so fast
me: we came back but it was too late
Sarah: have the new kids broken up?
Sarah: are you ok?
me: no and no
me: at the least we have the memories – no matter how blurry they may be
me: though we can never recover what has been lost
Sarah: oh dear
Sarah: if only we had been on the record…
me: we were only kids
me: we didn’t know any better
me: everyone was doing it
me: well, we did at least
Sarah: i’m so sorry
me: it’s not your fault
me: we got carried away
Sarah: it is my fault
me: these things happen
Sarah: i’m the one that pushed “go off the record”
Sarah has taken this chat off the record

Sarah: This chat is no longer off the record
Sarah: it’s just so tempting
me: my emotions
Sarah: so easily accessible
me: spinning wildly out of control
me: at the whim of a few mouse clicks

me: you’re in
me: any objections?
me: before i make it live to the world?
Sarah: i’m gonna be a star!
me: about what we did on and off the record
me: it is kind of personal you know
me: are you okay with all of this?
me: it’s happening so fast
Sarah: well they can never really know what happened off the record
Sarah: i think i’m ready
me: k
Sarah: i am a little nervous though
Sarah: just tell me it will all be ok…
me: i can’t guarantee that
me: but if things get too difficult we’ll go back off the record again
Sarah: ok, as long as we have a safety net
me: (taking a deep breath)

me: hello world
me: how are you doing?
Sarah: i’m doing ok
Sarah: lots of deep breaths
me: entertainment today should be calling any minute
me: my page gets lots of hits you know
me: 1 every 5 months
Sarah: wow
Sarah: this could totally change my life
me: that is why i am invisible right now
me: celebrities need their privacy

me: this is exciting for me
me: like the time we took our chats off the record
Sarah: yes, it’s all coming back
Sarah: i’ve got butterflies
me: there were moments of love and there were flashes of life
me: there were things we’d never do again, but then they always seemed right
me: there where chats off the record
Sarah: sigh

me: how would you feel if our addendum was added to the record?
Sarah: this is getting serious
me: that is what happens when you play with the record
Sarah: i feel like i can’t say anything to you without the world finding out
Sarah: we’ve got trust issues
me: the record will find out
me: the record always finds out
me: that is what happens when you play with the record

Sarah: cruel cruel record
me: the record has been altered
me: as have our lives