Have you seen this store?

This store used to sell TV’s.


They (he?) now sell (I use the word “sell” lightly) Antique TV’s. (We’re not exactly sure when the change happened.)

Antique Radio-TV's

Where else can you buy:

Antique Radios (check)
Reconditioned Jukeboxes (check)
Old Slot Machines (check)
Antique TVs! (check!)

No Parking

If you want to park in the parking lot, you are out of luck. Employees only.


No antique electronics store is complete without firewood.

Store Hours

This could say at the bottom: “Only open on Veterans’ Day”. Would it make any difference?

On Sale?

Doesn’t this just scream “BUY ME”?


Mannequin sold separately.


Here is a demon-like figure with a bell in his hand flipping the bird.


You don’t need prices when you haven’t sold anything since 1988.


Even a broken clock is right twice a day.


One fine day, you’re gonna want me for your jukebox!