A tisket and a tasket, chats with Sandra…

Editors Note: perspicacicitiously yours

Time Machine Lovin’:

Sandra: what is going on Lamberti?
Mark: not much sandra! (your name is SANDRA? isn’t it?)
Mark: i like that name
Sandra: me too
Mark: very nice
Mark: (clapping)
Sandra: it’s my mom’s name too
Mark: what? really?
Mark: are you sandra junior?
Sandra: yep
Mark: are women juniors? i’ve never heard of that before
Mark: in my lifetime
Sandra: technically i guess
Sandra: but no one calls me junior
Sandra: they call me sandra
Sandra: and my mom sandy
Mark: i like that name
Mark: reminds me of my old flame
Mark: perhaps you know her as well
Sandra: sandy who?
Mark: um… ya know…
Mark: you better shape up
Mark: hopelessly devoted
Mark: summer lovin’ (whoa!)
Mark: i did, indeed, have a long distance relationship with olivia newton-john – except she never knew about it and it was conducted through a time warp
Sandra: wow sounds intense…


Sandra: How in the world did you get in the globe…i mean are you that much of a NKOTB fan?
Mark: For the record, this story is partially incorrect. I was a fan way before Funky Funky Xmas. They had me at “Popsicle”.
Mark: I am so pumped up that I don’t know what to do with myself.
Mark: I LOVE the New Kids!
Mark: i spent about 4 hours this past weekend watching old videos
Mark: and previews of new songs
Mark: and i examined every area of their website
Mark: this comeback could be the best thing that ever happened to me
Sandra: wow
Sanrda: um… I gotta go

Boston Marathon and Kermit:

Sandra: i have an injury
Sandra: it is my for lack of a better term- my glutes!
Sandra: aka “me bum”
Mark: oh no
Mark: you think you will still run?
Sandra: yes
Mark: def put your name on your shirt if you want people to cheer for you
Mark: and if you start walking and then start jogging again (particularly from BC and onward) people will think you’re a hero
Mark: keep repeating. (walk…. walk faster… start to jog… start to run… wait until they’re out of sight and start to walk again)
Sandra: good to know that at the hardest part people cheer if you walk!
Mark: for the most part
Mark: when I started walking, one of the drunken college students said to me:
Mark: “come on mark! this is a *censored*-ing marathon!”
Mark: What could I tell the guy? Who was I to disagree?


Mark: oh yeah, and if you see anyone in a gorilla suit than punch him/her in the face
Mark: this is no place for gorilla suits
Mark: freaking Gorilla suits
Sandra: jeez, kids these days
Sandra: yeah okay
Sandra: i mean i was going to run in one
Sandra: but now i know better
Mark: (especially since gorilla man/lady probably joined on in mile 20 and looks fresh as a daisy… or a gorilla)
Sandra: one time i was in a race and the goal for me the whole time was to make sure that i beat the guy dressed as kermit
Sandra: i mean i love kermit, but i don’t love eating his dust if you know what i mean
Mark: he is near and dear to my heart as well (or at least dear to my heart – i hear he is living in france these days)

Clowning around with ONJ

Mark: there were clowns in my coffee
Sandra: really? did you ask them to leave?
Mark: this new revelation changes…. nothing
Mark: i have lost my mind
Mark: aldgk glkj wogiu lkjs gouiglkj gdlj!
Sandra: oh no
Mark: gdjlk doij aljk osaui lkjg!!!!!!!
Mark: dfljg.
Mark: get a great rate when you consolidate
Mark: we’ve landed on the moon!!!

Sandra is perspicacious

Mark: my friend thinks you are perspicacious.
Sandra: perspicacious?
Sandra: what does that mean?
Sandra: that i sweat a lot?
Mark: of or pertaining to perspicacicity
Sandra: grrrr
Sandra: okay mom so i am going to look it up…
Mark: sounds like a swear word if you ask me
Mark: for intellectual types
Sandra: i just don’t even know if could pronounce it!
Sandra: Puurr spee K shush
Mark: you should sign your emails perspicacicitiously yours, sandra
Sandra: no that means i would have to learn to spell
Sandra: I think purrspeekshushly would be better
Mark: haha 🙂 nice
Mark: I once signed an email: “with love as pure as the freshly fallen snow” when it was snowing out.
Mark: Needless to say, I never heard from that person again.