A few of my not favorite things

Editor’s Note: We discuss what we like, what makes us tick, and life in general.

Krambis1: you know what i hate
Krambis1: i’ll tell you what i hate
Brenn80: okay
Krambis1: i hate it when people type kewl
Brenn80: did i do that?
Krambis1: i know its not spelled that way
Krambis1: you know its not spelled that way
Krambis1: why do people spell it that way?
Brenn80: did i do that?
Krambis1: no you didn’t
Brenn80: i know
Krambis1: you know what else i hate
Brenn80: WHAT??
Krambis1: when people keep sending you messages and you don’t want to talk to them
Krambis1: i mean it’s like, don’t you have something better to do
Brenn80: I know, am I doing that?
Krambis1: no, you didn’t start the fire
Krambis1: it was always burning since the world’s been turning
Brenn80: we didn’t start the fire, though we didn’t light it, we tried to fight it
Krambis1: you know what else i hate
Brenn80: what?
Krambis1: i hate it when guys try to pick you up online
Krambis1: actually, i hate it when girls try to pick you up online too (but they usually can’t because I’ve gained a lot of weight), online marriages never work out.
Brenn80: lol, yeah me too
Krambis1: i’ve gotten about 5 of them
Brenn80: really? Probably cause you’re a calven klien model
Krambis1: good point
Krambis1: i have to go but do you know what else i hate
Brenn80: what?
Krambis1: i hate it when people say they have to go, but then you look and find out that they’re still online an hour later
Krambis1: it’s like…why don’t you just tell me you don’t want to talk to me
Brenn80: yeah, i hate that too, exactly
Krambis1: you know what else i hate
Brenn80: what?
Krambis1: i hate that online timer that pops up every 45 mintues
Krambis1: i mean what the hay do i care about how long i’ve been online?
Krambis1: it’s like… you’ve been online for 92 minutes, i mean who cares  And why do they have random minutes, like 46 and 118?
Krambis1: i’m on a roll tonight, i think i’m going to add these to my webpage
Krambis1: you were the first to hear them
Brenn80: good idea
Brenn80: they were good
Krambis1: well i always appreciate complements from men of your stature
Brenn80: of course
Krambis1: what the heck does stature mean?
Brenn80: I don’t know exactly
Brenn80: it means kind of how much influence you have over what you do
Krambis1: really…i have to write that down
Brenn80: yeah, that’s good stuff
Krambis1: yep good stuff
Brenn80: you know what I hate?
Krambis1: what do you hate?
Brenn80: When you have a misquito on your arm and you don’t want to hit him, so you blow on him to get him off, but you realize that he already put his thingy in your arm so you have to hit him
Brenn80: and kill him, and then your kinda sad
Krambis1: you’re right, that is terrible,
Brenn80: you know?
Brenn80: I know
Krambis1: completely
Brenn80: you know what else I hate?
Krambis1: please tell me
Brenn80: When you finally get all comfortable in your bed and your blankets are just right, and everything is just right, and then…you realize that you have to go to the bathroom
Krambis1: that’s right, you know what’s even worse
Brenn80: what?
Krambis1: when you wake up in the middle in the night, and you really have to go to the bathroom, but you’re too comfortable to go
Brenn80: yeah, that’s bad tooo
Krambis1: and then, (this has never happened to me of course, i just heard it’s bad) you dream about using the bathroom, and when you wake up your bed is all wet
Brenn80: I’ve heard of that too
Krambis1: you want to know the truth
Brenn80: yes
Krambis1: you can’t handle the truth (I’ve been dying to type that to somebody)
Brenn80: you know what else I hate?
Krambis1: tell me
Brenn80: When you im someone, and they tell you they are downloading something and they will talk to you after, and then, when they are done downloading,
they say that have to get offline and they sign off and never talk to you
Krambis1: no kidding, it makes you just want to say forget you buddy
Krambis1: you know what else i hate
Brenn80: tell me
Krambis1: is when you’re at an intersection and you motion for the lady to go, and the lady motions for you to go, and you both end up going at the same time
Brenn80: LOL, yes, i know what you mean
Krambis1: kind of like when you’re in the hallway trying to get past somebody and you do a little boogie just to avoid them
Brenn80: wait listen to this
Krambis1: i’m listening
Brenn80: when two people in the hallway are going in opposite ways and they are heading right for eachother, and they you go to the left, and they got to the left, you go to the right they go to the right, then you just have to push em out of the way to get past them, is that what you were talking about?
Krambis1: exactly
Krambis1: it’s even worse if they’re ugly
Krambis1: but on all those sit-coms, that’s how they meet the new chicks
Brenn80: much much worse if they are ugly
Brenn80: yeah, it doesn’t work in the real world
Krambis1: you know what else i hate
Brenn80: tell me
Krambis1: i can’t think of anything else, but it seemed to be the right thing to type at the time
Brenn80: lol, yeah, i know what you mean, i can’t think of anything either
Krambis1: you know what would be funny
Brenn80: what?
Krambis1: if we were like dogs and we wagged our tails whenever we got really happy
Brenn80: that would be kinda funny
Krambis1: you know what song i really hate
Brenn80: tell me, that one by the spice girls?
Krambis1: no, i love that if you wanna be my lover one
Krambis1: i hate the song: the band is ready to play
Krambis1: cha cha cha
Krambis1: next time i hear that song, i’m gonna punch whoever is next to me
Brenn80: hmm, know what song i hate?
Krambis1: what song?
Brenn80: that one by keith sweet, where he says, who can love you like me, nobody, ever hear it?
Krambis1: no, but by the sound of it, i’m glad i haven’t
Brenn80: yeah it sucks
Krambis1: you know what movie i love
Brenn80: what
Krambis1: the brady bunch
Krambis1: this is a car jack… yes this is a car, but my name’s not jack
Krambis1: put on your sunday best kids, we’re going to SEARS
Brenn80: I got to go, it’s been nice talking to you, very informative and hillarious, I must be going now, sorry, talk to you later
Krambis1: it’s been real and it’s been fun
Brenn80: It has been really real
Krambis1: and really fun
Brenn80: it’s also been really fun bye

Editors note: Brenn80 remained online for approximately an hour after this random conversation. Actually he didn’t but I thought it would’ve been funny if he did. Also, the whole online timer thing wasn’t part of the original conversation, but I really hate it so I thought I’d throw it in there.