A few of my favorite things – email trailz with CC

Editors Note: We discuss a few of my favorite things, including: Jon Knight, Texas, Florida, golf, NKOTB, poodles, Olivia Newton-John and cowboys.

Meredith: Hey, ONJ was on the Today show this morning! Still have a crush on her?!

Me: My heart will go on. I lost my affection for her after the “Let’s Get Physical” video.

Meredith: One of my friends forwarded me an online article from the Globe about the New Kids reunion tour, and I was like, “Hey, I think I know that guy!” So are you the mysterious Lamberti, 29, from Somerville?! Hilarious!!! I saw their Today show performance on tv- it was a little sketchy. Jon was looking around like he didn’t remember the moves.

Me: Leave Jon Alone!

Meredith: I couldn’t make the NKOTB concert

me: I can’t believe you missed the concert. You’ve really changed…

Meredith: Something crazy came up, and I wasn’t able to go.

me: still can’t believe you’re missing that concert (silently shaking head)

Meredith: Don’t hate me for me not attending NKOTB!

me: more silence

Meredith: Ok, I am trying to make it to the NY one. What do I have to do in order for you to forgive me?! Sheesh! Tsk tsk…

Meredith: Tell me you are watching NKOTB on the AMA’s???

me: I missed it! How were they?

Meredith: The usual…donnie, joey and jordan rocked it…danny was danny and jon….well, ya know! It was cool. Made me sad that I missed the concert 🙁

me: unbelievable Meredith. you should be ashamed.

Meredith: Yeah, I suppose I will never live it down. Oh well. The Madonna concert was awesome though. Are you in TX?!

me: I am in D-A-L-L-A-S looking for a job and a place to live. Madonna sucks.

Meredith: Oh snap! Don’t hate! D-A-L-L-A-S is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

me: You should join facebook. We can be “facebook friends”. It’s quite exciting.

Meredith: Yeah, everyone I know keeps asking why I haven’t joined facebook…is it really that cool?!

me: No.

Meredith: I’m finally going to be in Boston the week afer next. No WWE – we’re too old to pretend that stuff is not fake.

me: oh yeah… well Grey’s Anatomy is fake too. and so are other things! so there!

me: Did I tell you that I am moving to TX for a little bit in a month?

Meredith: Dude, You so did. You explained that you were going to visit your bro, and that you were seeking a warmer climate?!

Meredith: Please don’t become a FL retiree!

me: To help me with organizational needs, I’m deleting this message. From henceforthithertoafter it is leaving my recollection and consciousness.

Meredith: Ok, I won’t remind you of your randomness. You prob won’t even remember me when you become a cowboy…

me: yeeeeeeeee-haaaaaaaaaaw!!!

Meredith: Like Joey Lawrence would say- whoa!

me: I have actually become a Rays fan because I’d like to retire in Florida.

Meredith: Argh. I’m not even going to attempt to respond to that one…

me: I like golf and poodles.

Meredith: Well, goodnight Lamb. Sweet dreams of golf and poodles?!

me: And cupcakes.

Meredith: thought we we talking abt FL. There are poodles and golfing where old people congregate…not so sure abt cupcakes! Ahhhh…this conversation is taking on a whole new spin…

me: Old people like cupcakes too. No age discrimination!

Meredith: I love old people…not cupcakes. Pie is better. What are you doing home on a Friday night?!

me: Um, I’m temporarily living in New Hampshire. Not exactly the life of the party over here.

me: i’m sending so many emails its like i’m spamming you right now

Meredith: Yes, you are spamming me….I don’t know if it’s an attempt to tease me or get more incriminating conversations for that lil’ website of your’s!

me: don’t worry. no one ever goes there. they might though because i am in the midst of a heavy advertising campaign

Meredith: Advertising? For what?! Do I dare ask?

me: i’m advertising my website on facebook! (not real advertising, fake advertising)

Meredith: There’s no such thing as fake advertising! Maybe false, but not fake!

me: you mean like my teeth?

Meredith: Love how you added the pics for further illustration and emphasis. I signed your flippin’ guest book.

Meredith: Hey, my friend works with Joey M’s sister!

me: Did you call my guestbook “flippin”??? NO WAY ABOUT JOEY’S SISTER. THAT IS FREAKING CRAZY. THAT IS BANANAS. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Meredith: Hulk creeped me out ever since he did that reality show with his family and creepy things with his daughter Brooke. Macho

Man and Rowdy Rod Piper were a close second, although I don’t find guys in kilts to be very hot. He was on tmz recently and he’s a total tool. Oh, and I missed Jake the Snake Roberts even though I am afraid of snakes. And Jake.

me: I have no idea what TMZ is.

Meredith: Mark, do you live in a cave?

me: I do live in a cave. I’m batman.