Who is your favorite member of NKOTB?  Do you think Kurt Rambis is a hottie?  Are you a Hulkamaniac?  Will Hulkamania ever die?  I guess what I really want to know is, are you some kind of goofus?

Let me know your thoughts on these topics and/or anything else you would like to discuss.

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January 12 2017 21:22


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January 10 2017 07:11

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January 7 2017 14:41

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January 3 2017 16:27

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Gravatar (131) Randymed
October 18 2016 01:29

(130) Vanessa
February 23 2016 16:41

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(129) Nastassia
July 15 2015 13:52

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February 23 2015 16:28
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May 29 2013 03:59

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Gravatar (120) Wamssliplit
May 23 2013 19:24

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(119) A passer by
May 8 2013 07:14

I read The Little Mermaid blog and thoroughly enjoyed the play by play. Thanks for the merriment.

(118) Nate Cheeseman
July 1 2009 13:27

Hey Bro,

Very nice site, I like the graphics and layout, and it looks like you've got some strong content to back it all up.

great work.


(117) Deborah Burnham
June 26 2009 04:19

I looked through some of your facebook notes, and found an underlying theme. So I came to find this notable guestbook.
Then I suddenly felt inadequate. I don't have a favorite member of NKOTB. I couldn't tell you what Kurt Rambis looks like. I like the Incredible Hulk, but I don't even know if that is the same thing as being a hulkmaniac. Hulkamaniac. I probably am some kind of goofus.
And if it had been anyone else, I might not have signed the guestbook at all. But your notes intrigued me. Intrigued and surprised me. And somehow it seemed you wouldn't mind me signing even though I don't know every NKOTB song. Any NKOTB songs, actually.
But Sunshine on my shoulders does make me happy, and I like the way you write.