We Were Merely Freshmen

Editors Note: This was right before I left for college. Unfortunately, I lost touch with DRGTEN. If she ever does a google search for her old screen name, maybe she will find this and we will reconnect.

Krambis1: hi how are ya?
DGRTEN: good you?
Krambis1: good
DGRTEN: that’s good
Krambis1: sometimes i ask people how they are doing
Krambis1: and they say ok
Krambis1: and i say that’s good
DGRTEN: and…
Krambis1: but then i think, no it isn’t good, it’s ok
Krambis1: and then i have to explain it all to them like i’m explaining it to you
Krambis1: don’t you hate that
DGRTEN: what’s the diff between good and ok
DGRTEN: hate good or ok
Krambis1: no, explaining it all out
DGRTEN: or explaining the diff
Krambis1: both i suppose
DGRTEN: ah yes..the other night someone got all offended at one of my responses said something like ‘i can see why’ they flew off the handle
DGRTEN: …i had to explain myself
Krambis1: oh dear
Krambis1: they flew off the handle?
Krambis1: i like that one
DGRTEN: oh yeah like a bird
Krambis1: flying off the handle i mean
Krambis1: hey, my roommate called me today
DGRTEN: cool…how’s it look?
Krambis1: i wasn’t home
Krambis1: but now i have to call him bad
Krambis1: i mean back
DGRTEN: are you going to kill each other… well now…no cooperation
DGRTEN: ah yes
Krambis1: but what the hay am i supposed to say to him
Krambis1: so… you’re going to bu too…
Krambis1: (i’m practicing)
DGRTEN: say ‘so…how’s it going?’
DGRTEN: yeah sounds good 😉
Krambis1: and then i’ll jump right into politics
Krambis1: ask him how he feels about the teamsters goin on strike
DGRTEN: yeah…
DGRTEN: just try not to give the kid a coronary
Krambis1: and then get into a really heated discussion about abortion
Krambis1: he would really like that don’t you think?
DGRTEN: you’ll know what he’s made of then!
Krambis1: we’re gonna be great together
DGRTEN: you really want to get on his good side!
Krambis1: well if have to make a good first impression
DGRTEN: i think it will work
DGRTEN: do you have more in mind?
Krambis1: hmmm, i’m not sure
DGRTEN: ask him if he uses paper or plastic
Krambis1: yeah, boxers or briefs
Krambis1: no, no, that is a little too personal
DGRTEN: contacts or glasses
DGRTEN: underwear? too personal?
DGRTEN: where are you getting that?
DGRTEN: yeah i guess you should stick to the abortion issue
Krambis1: just a thought
Krambis1: i forget, have you talked to your roomy yet?
Krambis1: what’s the scoop?
DGRTEN: she’s cool
Krambis1: does she play ball?
DGRTEN: she’s from minnesota- the part near iowa…she used to
DGRTEN: i told her that larry is moving into our room…
DGRTEN: she seemed ok with it
Krambis1: larry legend?
Krambis1: or larry your boyfriend?
DGRTEN: she did some other sports too…but quit her senior year to pursue drama…drop hoops for that! larry legend baby the one and only!
DGRTEN: i got it at the raymond mcd’s
DGRTEN: i cherish it
Krambis1: i was gonna say, i’m not too sure how much she would like it if larry was your boyfriend
DGRTEN: yeah…that would be harsh
DGRTEN: i just talk weird…sorry
Krambis1: but i know that you know
DGRTEN: yeah i know that – i’m omniscient
Krambis1: wow, you must be pretty smart
DGRTEN: what can i say…
Krambis1: you don’t have to say anything
Krambis1: silence is golden you know
DGRTEN: that’s right
Krambis1: by the way, is room_ spelled roomie or roomy?
DGRTEN: well let me see….
DGRTEN: depends on the association
Krambis1: really? tell me more
DGRTEN: roomie – n.; one that shares the rat hole you call a ‘living quarter’; adj.; to be spaceous
DGRTEN: or how ever you spell space—
DGRTEN: oh the adj. is the roomy version
DGRTEN: sorry about that
Krambis1: wow, you really are omniscent
Krambis1: tommorow is my last day at work (woo-hoo!!)
DGRTEN: you must be very very happy
Krambis1: i am am
Krambis1: i mean sure am
Krambis1: but am am works too
DGRTEN: it’s all good
Krambis1: ya know this is really crazy
DGRTEN: the fact that we don’t make sense?
DGRTEN: that we talk like 3 year olds?
Krambis1: we’re leaving for college at the end of the week
Krambis1: hey! we don’t talk like 3 year olds
Krambis1: maybe 4 year olds but not 3
DGRTEN: oh that….yes…yes that is weird figure of speech
Krambis1: we’re only freshman
Krambis1: can’t be responsible
Krambis1: she was touching her face?
DGRTEN: she fell in love in the first place
DGRTEN: for the life of me i cannon remember
Krambis1: what the hay does the touching the face part mean anyways
DGRTEN: she was picking her nose? i dunno
Krambis1: what do you think this is, cyberkareokie or something?
DGRTEN: well….ya!
Krambis1: yeah, that sounds much better
Krambis1: she picking her nose
DGRTEN: yeah…it makes sense
Krambis1: she was picking her nose (excuse me)
DGRTEN: if she was depressed and crying it would be running
Krambis1: but why can’t she be help responsible?
Krambis1: maybe she has a really bad cold
DGRTEN: she sneezed on him…got snot all over his shirt – but it wasn’t her fault she had the flu
Krambis1: but what can’t somebody remember?
DGRTEN: what about that shoe full of rice? who’s hungry? amnesia
Krambis1: shoe full of rice? i don’t think i’ve heard that part
DGRTEN: it is in the begining of the song…or am i hearing voices?
Krambis1: it probably is right, i’ve never heard the beginning of the song
Krambis1: well this really does present a problem
DGRTEN: ok if there is a shoe full of rice someone could have thrown the shoe hitting someone else in the head causing the amnesia
DGRTEN: this could cause grief and crying
DGRTEN: producing symptoms of a cold
DGRTEN: henceforth the picking of the nose
Krambis1: i think we’re on to something
DGRTEN: and the touching of the face
DGRTEN: the denial would be a result of the grief – a stage of depression you know
Krambis1: maybe he has poisen ivy?
DGRTEN: this could be…
Krambis1: no no, i’m terribly mistaken, she was touching her face
DGRTEN: but chalomine lotion solves that problem
Krambis1: what about the cold?
DGRTEN: to stop the running of the nose one must take pills
Krambis1: and the nose picking?
DGRTEN: pills are drugs they are addicting
DGRTEN: another sign of depression
Krambis1: boy, this girl really needs a hug
DGRTEN: the nose picking to stop the running of the nose
Krambis1: and some hankees
DGRTEN: yeah i would say she needs some help
DGRTEN: and some sudafed
Krambis1: now what about all this about being wise and compromising?
DGRTEN: they don’t want to give in and see the doctor
Krambis1: yeah, they’re gonna tought it out
DGRTEN: they thought they were wise by avoiding the bills
DGRTEN: but when they died from drug overdose they realized that they should have compromised
Krambis1: what a sad song
DGRTEN: makes me teary eyed just thinking about it
Krambis1: well you know what they say
Krambis1: it’s a dog e. dog world
Krambis1: and don’t go chasing waterfalls (obviously they were hallucinating from all the drugs)
DGRTEN: they are not the rivers and the lakes you are used to
DGRTEN: i mean you could drownd
Krambis1: and somebody is moving too fast
Krambis1: i hope they don’t get a speeding ticket
Krambis1: you could drown in a lake i suppose
DGRTEN: that would slow them down
DGRTEN: yeah or get pulled under in a river
Krambis1: heck you could even drown in a sink
Krambis1: but you would have to be really stupid
DGRTEN: it could/has happened before…
Krambis1: what a shame

Editor’s note:  Due to forces beyond my control, the end of this conversation was lost. But it’s not my fault, I am only a freshman you know….