Being Faithful Where You Are

August 4, 2013 | By | Add a Comment

rich-mullinsBecause we’re going through our lives, and we’re trying as hard as we can, and things just seem to always blow up in our faces, and we keep going, ‘God, God, why?’ We don’t know what he’s doing. So just let him do it. If you really believe he’s good, then let him do it. People always say, ‘I don’t know where the Lord is leading me.’ I always say, it don’t really make a whole lot of difference. The important thing is to be where he has led you to already. If he has led you into a marriage, then be faithful there. If he has led you into being single, then be faithful there. If he has blessed you with many material goods, then be a good steward of those goods. And if he has blessed you by allowing you to imitate his life of poverty, then imitate it with great joy.

-Rich Mullins

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