Silver Springs

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Stevie_Nicks_and_Lindsey_BuckinghamFor the sake of all things beautiful, find me a better live performance than this one. It starts off innocently enough, but the tension gradually mounts and eventually explodes into the most raw, wild, heartfelt, disturbing and mesmerizing endings in the history of live performance. It is so amazing, I feel ill. A few things to watch out for:

Lindsey’s glare at 2:18

Stevie eyeing Lindsey at 2:37

Stevie TURNING HER ENTIRE BODY TOWARD Lindsey at the 4 minute mark

Stevie turning up the volume at 4:25


Lindsey standing there, taking it and STARING STEVIE BACK DOWN

Stevie unleashing the full fury of her emotions

I don’t know if this was staged or what. Either way, I love it!

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