Let it Snow

March 31, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

In High School, I lOVED getting birthday wishes from classmates and was thrilled that I wasn’t one of those summer birth children to be pitied. Still, my birthday landed on a weekend and I missed out on copious amounts of affection. BUT, as a senior, my birthday was finally on a school day again. UNTIL, an April 1 snowstorm canceled school (what?). HOWEVER, I’m not in school anymore so it can snow all day long tomorrow as far as I care. Also, REGARDLESS of the weather, there is a decent chance that I will get messages over the INTERNET.  Thank you Mr. Zuckerberg, International Business Machine and Mr. Gore for making this all possible!

UPDATE: The snowstorm that day actually has it’s own Wikipedia entry. Kind of ridiculous if you ask me.

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