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Earlier this month, I stumbled upon a Google Chrome extension that tells you when people unfriend you on Facebook.  Though not for the faint of Facebook friendship heart, I immediately found this concept awesome.  What a great way to have an idea if something you posted recently really offended someone or someone maybe felt ignored or that it was time to just move on. People rarely say these things to your face. But, on Facebook, the proof is in the unfriend pooding. Though you might not know exactly what happened, you at least know that something happened and that’s something (and knowing is half the battle – or maybe less in these cases). I thought I would provide a diary of my first few weeks of usage/activity. Here is a chronicle of my experiences with “Unfriend Finder” thus far.

11/9: Unfriend Finder also tells you how many friend requests you have initiated that are outstanding. I have four and they have been outstanding for months/years.  I decided to take these friend requests back in order to help these people with what has seemingly turned into a difficult decision.

11/13: I was just notified that a friend of mine deleted her profile.  Goodbye Facebook Friend.

11/14: I was just notified that the same friend of mine re-activated her profile.  Hello again Facebook Friend.

11/15: Just got my first legitimate unfriend notification on Unfriend Finder. Was a girl from High School who was in my younger sister’s class. She friended me a long time ago and I had no recollection of who she was.  Then she unfriended me, which I thought was a little strange because she initiated the friendship to begin with a few days earlier. Then, months later, she friended me again. Now, she has defriended me again. For two people who have been through nothing together, we have been through a lot.

11/17: According to the Jimmy Kimmel show, today was “National Unfriend Day.” Their website puts it this way:

Friendship is sacred, and Jimmy believes Facebook is cheapening it. So on November 17th, cut out some of the friend fat.

Though I did at one point consider starting a game called “Facebook Survivor” and de-friending someone every day until there was only one person left (I later thought better of it), this post is about other people de-friending me, not me de-friending other people. I ended up being defriended by nobody on National UnFriend Day.  It’s probably a little twisted to say this, but I’m sorta disappointed.

11/23: I was just notified that a friend of mine deleted his profile.  Goodbye Facebook Friend.

11/24: I was just notified that the same friend of mine re-activated his profile.  Hello again Facebook Friend.

11/29: Unfriend Finder tells me I am no longer friends with Asdljn Asdfjn. Never knew I was friends with Asdljn to being with.  Goodbye Asdljn.  I never knew you.  Seriously.

11/30: According to their Twitter feed, Unfriend Finder is coming out with version 23 on Wednesday. Based on all the bugs so far, that’s probably a good idea.

(UPDATE: I just got a tweet from Unfriend Finder saying that the download can be found here. I think I was using a very outdated version for my experiment and had the wrong link posted before. They also let me know that profile deactivations can be hidden by the changing the settings.  Thanks Unfriend Finder!)


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  1. andy says:

    that was definitely me…you had me laughing at this post, buddy. marcus is back…

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