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Quick thoughts on tonight’s NKOTBSB performance at the American Music Awards:

NKOTBSB performance was choppy but riveting. I was moving my hips like “yeah!” Nodding my head like “YEAH!” (And that makes me larger than life). What happened to “Step 5” in “Step by Step?” Was it because Jonathan Knight didn’t want to sing (Yes) or because the Backstreet Boys only have four people (Maybe).

That brings me to my next point. The Backstreet Boys obviously need a fifth person to keep this thing even. Who could that be (Me)? Lastly, while NKOTB made me feel like a 12-year old girl again, the Backstreet Boys made me feel like a college student doing data-entry in the Boston University admissions office at my work-study job. They played that song an awful lot back then. That and the one about standing with someone on a mountain and bathing with said person in the sea. It all came full circle as I want to listen to NKOTBSB forever – until the sky falls down on me.

Speaking of NKOTB, their Christmas cassette tape was the first piece of music I ever personally owned.  I bought it for 5 bucks off a classmate.  I love all the songs on that tape.  Here is one of them.  Don’t you love this song? Isn’t it beautiful? Just kidding. Seriously, though, isn’t it beautiful? Haha, joking. Beautiful song.

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