A Penny for your Passion

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As you might have noticed, this blog has taken a turn in direction lately.  I was tired of what felt like boring and uninspired posts (see my book reviews) and wanted to only post things that I, if a reader, would be interested in viewing.  The number #1 quality I boiled that down to was passion.  I recall funny blogger man Bryan Allain once saying that he would rather read about a subject he wasn’t interested in that was done from a passionate perspective, than a subject he was interested in from an unpassionate perspective .  Or something like that.  Actually, maybe it was nothing like that at all.  I read the quote about a year ago and really can’t remember.  But, I totally agree with what he said.  Whatever it was.

Anyway, as an example, this guy is passionate about hating pennies.  Am I passionate about hating pennies?  Maybe not as much as this guy. But, I am inspired by his inspiration and he has turned me on to the thought of hating them.  It’s like a student who eventually writes a book on World War II after developing an interest in history after having a teacher in Middle School who was passionate about history. That is what passion can do, baby!

What else does passion do?

  • It cuts to the heart of what matters to someone.
  • It matters to someone because it means something to them.
  • It touches on deeper things that often end up meaning something to someone else.
  • It brings out buried stuff in buried hearts that secretly and, sometimes unknowingly, begs for expression.
  • It makes dead things or people come to life.

This guy is passionate about hating pennies.  This blog is passionate about passion.  What are you passionate about?

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