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I just participated in a few fantasy football mock drafts on ESPN’s website. In case you’re keeping track, these are make-pretend drafts of a make-pretend draft where players play on your make-pretend team. I’m three levels of fantasy removed from reality. This can’t be good.

I was chatting with my friend Kurt who has played something called Strat-O-Matric football for years. From what I can tell, it’s like fantasy football on drugs. Here is how he describes it:

It is kind of a coaching simulator. You have your team and actually call the plays for your team. Your players abilities are based upon their performance in the prior NFL season. It used to be a cards and dice game (it’s been around since the 60’s), but has a computer version now, which allows me to play with the same people I played with when I was a kid. We are a keeper league, so you have to scout players out pretty carefully (at every position, full 53 man roster) because you generally try to put together a team that will be good year to year. Most of the good players are already on rosters before the draft even starts. For instance I took Brandon Pettigrew for Detroit in the 3rd round, not really a good pick in a regular fantasy league.

This Strat-O-Matic thing sounds really intense. It sounds like something I might get into so much, I would do nothing else but do research for the game. It would be like my own personal World of Warcraft. I would get so addicted, I would think that I would need years of therapy to undo the obsession.

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