Jesus Interrupted by Bart Ehrman

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Hi blog readers,

I made a boo-boo. Back in January, I thought I was signing up to review the book Jesus, Interrupted by Bart Ehrman. Upon further review, I was simply supposed to inform you that a paperback edition of the book would be released in February. I was also supposed to include one or more of the following.

1.) The YouTube trailer:
2.) A link for where the book could be found on Amazon.
3.) The entry:

This comes as a relief to me as I need a break from reading and have almost made my way through the ridiculously tall stack of books that I zealously agreed to review. Please note that I am neither endorsing nor not endorsing this book. I have not read it.

While I have your attention, there have yet to be any entries for the most recent giveaway, so you may want to check that out. Also, look for another and bigger giveway soon.

My apologies for the multiple posts in one day. Back to your regularly scheduled programming. Be good, stay safe and always be on the lookout for squirrels.

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