Desperate Hope by Candi Pearson-Shelton

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The greatest comfort, I believe, is found in remembering that we are in the hands of the most skillful surgeon, One who is intricate and detailed. He doesn’t leave things to chance. He is far too wise to stop in the middle of a design, too loving to leave a patient on the operating table without completing the surgery. He may seem to be going about it all wrong. But what do we know, really? Who are we, the creation, to tell the Creator what He could do better? What may seem scattered, random, or simply too difficult to grasp is actually the work of El Roi – the God who sees. It is part of the intricate and purposeful plan of the Almighty. The plan is not often evident in the throes of our worst nightmares or our painful journeys. We may be aware that something is happening, but how it can possibly be woven together is beyond our scope. How fortunate for us that it isn’t beyond God’s scope.

Desperate Hope, p. 161-162

Synopsis: Candi Pearson-Shelton is a worship leader, songwriter and independent artist. She is best known for her involvement with the Passion worship movement. She also wrote and performed the title track on the Dove-award-winning album Glory Revealed.

Five years ago, Pearson-Shelton lost her then 23-year-old brother, Rick, to cancer. In Desperate Hope, she recounts her struggle to find understanding, hope and God’s plan and glory in the aftermath of this family tragedy. This book reads like part memoir and part devotional. Pearson-Shelton remains fiercely devoted to God – even as she wrestles to find hope in the midst of chronicling her pain.

The appendix contains a collection of blog entries and comments from friends and family as her brother fought for survival in late 2005. Also included is a code for the download of a song that was written exclusively for the book. All profits for the sale of Desperate Hope will go to the Rick Pearson Memorial Fund.

Review: I wish that I had read the appendix to this book first. Though Pearson-Shelton clearly adored her brother, it wasn’t until I read the blog entries and comments/prayers from around the world that I developed my own emotional connection to the loss. The writing isn’t the best, but is full of raw trust, devotion and heart. I was particularly touched by how much this sister cared for her brother and inspired by the legacy he left behind. I also appreciated the incredible story about how Rick’s sickness led to his father coming to faith.

Overall, I found this to be a worthwhile read even though I didn’t connect with the book as much as others probably will. It is particularly suited for Christians dealing with the loss of a family member or any event that has led to heartache and despair. However, it will also lead the reader to want to love like Pearson-Shelton and live a life that impacts others as much as Rick’s life did.

Rating: 3/5 (Took me until the end to develop an emotional response to the book.)

This book was provided for review by David C. Cook through the B&B Media Group. To learn more about or purchase this book on Amazon, click here.

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