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December 10, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

Dear Feedreader,

I’ve made a number of changes to my site, which are undetectable in a feed.

I’ve also added weather patterns, random quotes, poems and videos and cleaned up a great many things in general. Finally, I’ve added Amazon picture/price links to the book reviews. An unfortunate casualty of these updates is that the book pictures will no longer show up in your feed (unless there is a fix). If you’re afraid of judging the books by their covers, you might welcome this change.

That is all for now. Please know that I greatly appreciate whatever time you spend at this blog and am wide open to whatever feedback you might have in terms of improvement. You are an object of great affection, warmth and care. It is my sincere hope that whatever time you spend here is worthwhile.

Take care,

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