How I made one of the biggest decisions of my life

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I never had any interest in Boston University.  None at all.  Having said this, you may wonder why I chose to go to school there.

Well, I was at a college fair and there was a very special person who was filling out forms for BU.  I didn’t care one thing about that school, but I did care about that girl.  So, I went over to that table where she was at and filled out my form next to her.  It was a way to talk to her.  She meant so much more to me than the free pen.

I read in a book for seniors about what was in and what was out at BU.  Under “in”, they listed politics.  I don’t care one bit about politics.  They also listed cigarettes.  I don’t smoke.  Finally, they listed diversity.  I had lived in New Hampshire almost my entire life.  I had a puzzled look on my face and wondered, “what is that?”

Under the “out” column, they had sports.  I love sports.  They also had trees.  I love trees.  I can’t remember what the final thing was, but it probably had something to do with pastries or cookies.

Well, BU got my information and just about blew up the mailbox.  It seemed that every other piece of mail I received was one of their catalogs.  Because I needed to round off my list with a place that offered a lot of choices, BU somehow made the last slot of the eight schools to which I applied.

When the financial aid packages came in the mail, BU’s was far better than any other school.  Even UNH.  At that point, I no longer needed to make a decision.  The decision had already been made.

So, that is why I went to Boston University.

I don’t know why I’m telling you this except to say that some decisions make us rather than vice-versa.

In case you’re wondering, I hated just about every minute of it.  The exception was Friday nights when I saw my friends.

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