Romancing the 70’s

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I was flipping through the channels today and was mesmerized by Time Life’s Romancing the 70’s infomercial.  138 classics from the top easy listening artists of the decade all digitally remastered for superior audio quality.  But wait!  There’s more!  If you call within 9 minutes, they throw in a bonus CD featuring 18 more romantic classics! Not to mention a beautiful case for easy storage!

Putting this collection together by yourself would be nearly impossible! Thankfully, the kind folks at Time Life have made it easy to once again enjoy all your favorite hits. Remember when you were young and in love? Remember those nights on the beach that seemed to last forever? Remember when she threw you in the Ocean and dunked your head so far under water that you didn’t think you’d be able to breath?  Well, now is your chance to recapture all those memories!

Listen in as the hosts share a conversation dripping with sentimentality while staring so intently into the camera that they never make eye contact with each other.  Be glad for razors and marvel at the resemblance between the host on the left and Uncle Rico.

All this at a cost of only 125 installments of one dollar.  Get it soon because you won’t find this product in stores (at least not yet) and (unlike our love) the offer won’t last forever.

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