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Remember that Subway commercial where Reggie Bush tells the kid to stay hungry and eat the sandwich?  Well, I ate the sandwich and I am no longer hungry.  I am that dog that has lived through one too many thunderstorms and has decided to lie down save for trips to the bathroom and to get water.  I was just doing some research for my team(s) and I thought to myself, “Who are these guys?”  Seriously.  Who in the underworld are these people?  Who is Jeremy MacLin?  Who is Miles Austin Collie?  Who is Hakeem Nicks?  Is he related to that singer chick from the 80’s.  I don’t know.  I don’t know and I don’t care.  Fantasy football can go fly a kite!  It is a young man’s game and I am no longer a young man.

So, go on with all your hopes and dreams of fantasy football glory.  Just show me that same excitement when your team loses in the finals for four straight years and you could have purchased a new car with all the winnings you barely missed out on because it was windy in Chicago and it snowed in Cleveland.

In other news, I love, love, LOVE the remake of this song and everything about this video.  In particular, the backup singer at around five and a half minutes has to be an angel.  You must watch this.

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