Does anybody hear her?

August 4, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

I think we all know the type.

She is so starved for love that she’ll do just about anything to find acceptance.  Her perpetual itch is longing so desperately to be scratched that she’ll give herself to anyone offering what seems to be an even lukewarm cup of water to take the edge off her thirsty soul.

She is hurting so badly that she’s even thinking about going back to that place.  Maybe there she can find some of the love she is missing.  But she’s afraid to go back.  At this point, though, she is willing to try just about anything.

She demonstrates a remarkable amount of courage and decides to show up on Sunday.  She anxiously looks around and wonders how she will fit in.  She knows she is different.  Others notice it too.

Some of them look down on her.  She is dirty.  She is shameful.  She is an unwelcome addition to the good thing they have going.  Church has become a social club and her qualifications don’t line up with what their little self-righteous society requires.

Others don’t look at her at all.  It’s not that their intentions are bad, it’s just that they are too busy to notice.  Who has that kind of time and energy, anyway?

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