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A facebook message after the Pats loss in the Superbowl last year:

I am confused, sad, shocked, depressed, devastated, torn, and
realizing that I don’t know anything anymore. I don’t know what to say
or how I even got out of bed this morning. I am not sure what is
happening to me, but it isn’t positive. I would like to muster up
enough goodwill to congratulate you and your team, but I am not in
that place right now. I can only focus on personal hygiene at this
point and try to keep from hurting myself. Life has lost all meaning
and sense. I hope Mercury Morris dies. Thank you.

A message to my sister regarding yet another great potential job:

I’m excited but trying
not to get my hopes up too much (somewhat unsuccessfully).

A chat with a friend about a girl he likes:

him: she did make it a point to sit next to me
him: and asked a bunch of questions
him: does that mean anything?

me: it means she sat next to you
me: and wanted to chat

him: that makes sense

me: i dunno
me: relationships are like the wind
me: who knows where it will blow next
me: and it might just blow in general

him: so true

me: but maybe it will carry you somewhere good
me: i hope so

What do they have in common?


What if something or someone stirs up something in a heart that is left in worse position than before the thing ever came about?

So, let me ask you.

Is it better to get your hopes set high
and to be crushed
or to not expect so much
and not have so much anticipation?

Is it better to have higher highs
and lower lows
or nothing much high
and nothing much low
in general?

I have my ideas but am curious to get your feedback.

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  1. Erin says:

    Hummm…this is an issue I discuss regularly with my mom (and myself). I always used to get my hopes set very high, and would often end up disappointed. Now I am constantly at war with myself telling myself not to get my hopes up so I don’t end up disappointed and instead can end up pleasantly surprised. However, if I go into a situation expecting it not to work out, will my attitude create a self fulfilled prophecy? And even though I always tell myself not to get too excited, deep down, I always am. It gets exhausting…so I’m trying/learning more and more just to put my hope in God and accept/ be content with whatever He wants. It takes work, but is much less exhausting.

  2. Sarah says:

    Interesting question. I wonder about that every time I experience a disappointment in life. I find though that my lows aren’t so crashing and defeating when I’m not putting my hope in the temporal in the first place. Which is so hard b/c we are here and experience the world around us so to me it almost seems robotic and unfeeling to not putting any hope or care in it. But the more I rest in my relationship with Jesus for peace and remember His love for me I find I have the strength to go through life’s highs and lows. I would think that just living in a state of numbness and low expectations to avoid pain would not be fulling living the life of joy that God wants for me. (Jer. 29:11) Anywhos….those are my thoughts at least. 🙂

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