Seasons of Life

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me: tell me more about this song

buddy: well, it’s from later in his career…
after he’d lived a good part of his life.

buddy: i like the line that’s something like, “if there’s one thing i’ve learned in all my crazy years, it’s that life keeps running in cycles; first, there’s laughter, then those tears.”  it’s quite true…

me: and then laughter again?

buddy: we simply have to accept the happiness, the sadness, the joy, the pain, the anticipation, the regret…it’s all part of the same thing.

me: what is the thing it is part of?  life?

buddy: yes, the life cycle.

me: impart some more wisdom.  wisdom about life.

buddy: life…life is like a box of chocolates…

me: tell me more about the chocolates

buddy: i have no insights…ok, a few.
1. i think it makes things easier to tie ourselves down, to give ourselves responsibility. this doesn’t allow us to wonder too much about what we should be doing; it makes us concentrate on what we have to do.

me: is it better to be tied down or not tied down?
is being tied down just a distraction?

buddy: well, it depends on your spirit, i guess.
sort of a distraction from asking too many questions…it keeps us in the matrix, if you will.

me: is it good or bad to ask questions?

buddy: good and bad…
bad because we may not like the answers.
good because we have to know…
it depends if you’re strong enough to take the answers.

buddy: it’s about acceptance.

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“Cycles” – Frank Sinatra

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