Looking for Jill C.

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I have decided to mix it up a bit today and bring you (my faithful blog reader) a little musical treat. This song was (I think) written many years ago by a then Wheaton College student named Peter for a fellow student named Jill. The name of the song is, “I will find Jill C.” There are many things I like about this song.  Here are a few:

a) The deep and somewhat mysterious lyrics
b) The line about throwing China on the ground
c) The line, “What a hand, what a fragile hand!  I could put my finger on it.”
d) The Christmas concert reference reminds me of this time of year

A reviewer described the song as “moving and quirky”. I agree. Unfortunately, Jill C. never seemed to have been moved by Peter B. From what I understand, she didn’t give him the time of day. I wonder if Peter B. stopped searching for Jill C. after it was clear that she didn’t want to be found by him. I also wonder if Jill C. ever heard the song. Regardless of her apparent disdain for Pete, I hope she did hear the song and was eventually touched by the tender words she inspired.

Harrod & Funck covered this song:

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We will wander away in time,
I’ve built apartments up and down.
That’s a given, I’m a prisoner.

I’m in this field, on this mountain
I’ll wait here until you walk through the trees
And sit down next to me, yes.

Of angels you have nothing missing,
I’m throwing china on the ground.
It’s ugly. It’s unclean.

You inspire me to climb trees
And to kiss the bark and to kiss the leaves.
I hear you’ve got offices up there.

Music loves you, the grasses love you, and so do I,
Soon as I find you in those trees somewhere.
You’re the final word, and still you’re the first and rightful, you’re the rightful one.
I never saw nothing like that before.

There I will be… There I will be…

What a delicate Christmas concert!
What a hand, what a fragile hand! I could put my finger on it.
If I could build a me for you,
What else would I ever have to do forever?

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